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Welcome to the Kent Regional Cricket League Website


Evening All,

I'm delighted to announce that the KRCL Fixtures for season 2017 have been finalised and published to all clubs within the league.

If you notice a fatal error - then please contact me immediately. Please note that I'm now away until Wednesday 11th January.

If you would like a copy of the fixtures, then please email me at; and I will action upon my return.

I can also advise that the 'Premier' division fixtures have been loaded onto play cricket. All other divisions will be completed by the end of the month.

Here's hoping to a successful 2017 season.

Many thanks.

Cheers Brian.


Afternoon All,

Just a quick update to keep you all advised of recent events in the Kent Regional Cricket League.

Firstly, thanks to all clubs who attended the AGM last week. I enclose a summary as below, so as to remind all clubs of the necessary changes to the playing conditions for Season 2017.

I also attach updated versions of the Playing Conditions and the League Constitution.

I would also like to re-iterate Keith's notice about new volunteers to join the committee. Please feed this back to your club members. If we don't recruit new members to the committee, then this time next year, we simply won't have a league !! Please take action now ... I'm counting down the days.

We are close to finalising the playing structure for next season, we hope to circulate this to all clubs on the 1st December 2016.

I will be starting work on the 1,500 plus fixtures in approximately two weeks' time. I shall be sending out a club request to ensure that I know of any fixture issues / ground share complications, etc. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE IMMEDIATELY ONCE IT HAS BEEN SENT.

As a reminder, fixtures will start on Saturday 6th May and run until Saturday 2nd September. Clubs are reminded to keep the spare date of Saturday 29th April FREE until all fixtures are published in the New Year.

If there are no further complications with the Kent League fixtures, or the KRCL structure, then I'm confident of producing a full fixture list in early January.

If you require any further information, then please contact me by email.

Many thanks.

Cheers Brian.


Proposal 1
Removal of £50 Fine as imposed by the KRCL committee for matches conceded after the deadline of 12 noon on Thursday.


Amended rules as below;

6.1 If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture commitment, it shall ensure that its opponents and the League's Results Secretary are advised of that fact no later than 12 noon on the Thursday of the week in which the match is to be played. It is the club cancelling the fixture's responsibility to ensure that any messages are received and acknowledged. It is not sufficient to leave messages on mobile phones or answer phones.
6.2 In order to enable contact to take place, it is the responsibility of all clubs to ensure that at least 3 current sets of contact details are displayed on their play-cricket web site page. Reasonable representations for any compensation by the non-offending team will be considered by the League, provided that their contact details were available. The offending club shall be liable for any expenses incurred by the other club involved to a maximum amount of £100.

Proposal 2
Change the playing conditions for divisions 2A West and 2A East - 80 over matches


Amended rules as below;

The normal duration of play shall be 92 overs. The exception to this is that, all Divisions ‘A’ and below in the 1st team structure and all Divisions ‘A’ and below in the 2nd team structure, the duration of play shall be 80 over matches. This will be published by the League Management Committee prior to the start of the playing season. 


Proposal 3
Change the start time times of any matches that are playing the 92 over format.


Amended rules as below;

All matches in which the format is of 92 overs, shall commence at 1.00 pm, until or after the 17th August, when they shall commence at 12.30 pm. All matches in which the format is of 80 overs, shall commence at 1.30 pm, until on or after 17th August, when they shall commence at 1.00 pm. In the event that both clubs are in agreement prior to the start of the season, then matches can start at 12.00 noon onwards. If any such fixtures are agreed to start earlier than the default time, then notification must be sent to the League Fixture Secretary before the 24th April.

Proposal 4
Amend the wording for rules 1.2 and 1.4 to clarify the situation, in the event of only one umpire being present.


Amended rules as below;

Each team should provide a non-playing umpire for a League fixture. There is no penalty for not providing an umpire but it is expected that every side makes a reasonable effort to appoint an umpire who is familiar with the laws. In the event of only one umpire being present, they will do both ends, if and only if they agree to do so.

If a team does not provide an umpire, that side MUST provide members of their team to stand as the square leg umpire, or to share umpiring duties, at the discretion of the bona fide umpire. In the event of neither team providing an umpire, then each club will provide members of their team to undertake the umpiring duties at both ends throughout the innings in which they are batting.

Proposal 5
Remove rule 17.4 from the Constitution.


No amendments to the constitution.

Proposal 6
Amended rule 17.9 (Player Registration) in the Constitution.


No amendments to the constitution.


Hi All,

Please see below a couple of urgent reminders.

Can you please pass the message on to relevant players, captains and officials.

Let's hope for a incident free end to the season.

Many thanks.

Cheers Brian.

Brian Smith
Fixture Secretary - Kent Regional Cricket League


Please note that all remaining fixtures will now start at 1.00PM. The only exception to this is if both teams have agreed to start earlier.


Divisional Shields and Cups as presented at the end of the last season need to be returned. These are the Winners Cups and Runners Up Shields. Please get in contact with myself or Keith to arrange to have these returned by the end of the month.


The dates for these events have now been finalised as below;

East & Central
Thursday 6th October
Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury

Metropolitan & West
Friday 7th October
Sidcup Sports Club

Please make a note of the amended dates in your diary. We will send out more details nearer the time.


This will be held in November. Date and venue to be finalised in due course.


Evening All,
Apologies for the delay in sending out the 'Latest News' on behalf of the KRCL, but for a number of reasons, I have not had time.
With the wet weather to date, England's demise in the Euro championships and with a number of teams resigning throughout the season, this has certainly been a season to forget.
Disappointingly, two trends have seemed to remain unchanged over the last 10 weeks;
* Declining standards of behaviour both on and off the pitch
* Admin Incompetence !
Can you please remind all players, captains and officials of the spirit of cricket, the laws of the game, and most importantly the playing conditions of the KRCL. If you are in any doubt over a rule or decision, then please consult the KRCL Handbook. It is produced for a reason !! I would expect Captains and Umpires to resolve issues on match days. Please discuss any anomalies at the toss, so that everyone is aware of such arrangements.
With regards to Admin, this appears to be getting worse in many clubs across the county. Apologies to the few who are on top of the game - your diligence and support is appreciated.

A few reminders to assist with Admin;
* Load your team in advance of the fixture. This will ensure wrong players are not selected from the database. It will also highlight any registration issues !!
* Input Summary Result by 12 noon on Sunday
* Input Full Scorecard by 12 noon on Tuesday
* Please ensure bonus points are completed correctly. If in doubt - check the KRCL Handbook
* Abandoned fixtures - if the game is started and not completed - then full details still need to be loaded. The 'stats' still count.
If a scorecard hasn't been locked by Tuesday evening - then think why? There will be a mistake that needs to be edited. Please action accordingly.
If you receive an email query from me - then I expect a timely response. Please treat as URGENT.
In the event of a scorecard being locked early, then please contact me directly by email, so that it can be unlocked. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE FACILITY ON PLAY CRICKET. You are wasting your time and my time.
Whilst I have your attention - can I also take this opportunity to remind clubs of the deadline of registering new players - 31ST JULY !!
For ease of reference, I attach a copy of the KRCL Constitution and the KRCL Playing Conditions. Please familiarise yourself with any specific playing conditions that you are not aware of. If in any doubt, refer to the Laws of Cricket.
The KRCL Committee is in the process of finalising the dates for the Presentation Evenings and the AGM. I will pass this on at the end of this month, when I will be reminding you of the early starts for matches at the end of the season.
I would expect to see a marked improvement over the coming weeks, otherwise you might be looking for a new League Administrator for next season.

If you have any questions, or concerns, then please feel free to contact me directly. 
Many thanks.
Cheers Brian.

Hi All,
Apologies for not having sent a message recently.
You have kept me too busy with your registration requests !!
I have received a number of recent enquiries - so hopefully the reminders as below will help your Club Admin.
Please ensure that this message is passed to Club Administrators, Captains and Results Administrators.
Over the next 17 weeks, I really don't want to spend any additional time sorting out 'mistakes'.
Many thanks.
Cheers Brian.
Brian Smith
Fixture Secretary - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672


Please note that all matches start at 1.30pm, with the exception of those at the end of the season – I will send a reminder nearer the time.

In the event that both teams have agreed in advance, then matches can start up to an hour earlier.



Each Team to provide one ball per match.

A new ball MUST be used at the start of each innings.



The maximum charge for cricket teas is £45.



There appears to be some confusion over which divisions are playing the shortened format this season. I find this amazing, especially as it was agreed at the AGM and subsequently was showing on the Divisional Structure which was distributed at the start of the year.

In summary, with the exception of the Divisions as listed below – all other divisions are playing the 80 over format. The 92 over format only applies in the following divisions;


Championship – West

Championship – East

2A West

2A East

In the event that both teams agree at the toss, then fixtures in these divisions can be reduced to 40 overs as per the KRCL playing conditions.



Please ensure that Summary Results are posted on the website before 12 NOON on the Sunday.

Please ensure that Full Scorecards are posted on the website before 12 NOON on the Tuesday.

It is imperative that all details are accurate. Scorecards will be locked as soon as they have been checked, and everything appears to add up.

If there are UNSURE players in a scorecard – please resolve immediately. Don’t wait until you get a reminder email from me.

It is the responsibility of the home team to post the result and scorecard. It is the responsibility of the away team to ensure the details are correct. Please action as necessary.



Incredibly, one in 3 scorecards as checked last week, had the wrong points allocated to either the winning team or the losing team. This really isn’t difficult, so please can we make more of an effort to get this right in the coming weeks.

 In Summary;

Winning Team

15 points automatically entered from result. Enter bowling points as necessary.

Losing Team

Enter All bonus points. That is bowling points + Losing points.

For the break-down of losing points – please refer to Page 95 of the KRCL Handbook.

For ease of reference, this is also listed at the bottom of this reminder. I also enclose a couple of examples as below.

In the event of a match being Abandoned / Cancelled / Conceded – all you need to do is enter the result. All points will be entered automatically.

In a tied match, all you need to do is enter the bowling bonus points for each team.

It will also help if you update who won the toss, and who batted first on the summary page of the scorecard.

In the event of a team not having a full complement of 11 players – then please make a note in the highlights section. This will help when knowing when teams are All Out, and the awarding of the correct number of bowling points.

Please also ensure that the overs actually bowled (in both innings) is recorded correctly.

Example 1

Sidcup 174 – 6 (40 overs)

Bexley 175 – 7 (36.3 overs)

Sidcup = 7 (Losing – 7 wickets) + 3 (Bowling) = 10 [Enter – Bonus Points = 10]

Bexley = 15 + 3 = 18 [Enter – Bonus Points = 3]

Example 2

Sidcup 203 – 9 (38.4 overs)

Bexley 178 – 8 (41 overs)

Sidcup = 15 + 4 = 19 [Enter – Bonus Points = 4]

Bexley = 7 (Losing – 25 runs) + 5 (Bowling) = 12 [Enter – Bonus Points = 12]

Please note that in this example – Sidcup only had 10 players, thus all out. Full bowling points awarded to Bexley. Bexley receive additional over, balance of 80 overs.



Please ENSURE that all players are registered in advance of KRCL fixtures being played.

If you have any concerns, then please email me in advance of the fixture. Please note that I don’t appreciate phone calls on Match Days. Like yourselves, I spend Saturday’s playing cricket. Thus from 8am onwards, I will not be contactable !!



Please NOTE that this facility on play cricket is not endorsed by the KRCL. If you submit a message via the portal, it will be REJECTED.

If you need to make an amendment to a scorecard, or edit further details, then please email me directly to;

Please ensure that you include your club name, the date of the fixture, and the KRCL Division. I will then be able to log your enquiry and ensure that the scorecard is opened for editing purposes and then locked again once you have confirmed you have finished editing.


To help your opposition in advance of the fixture - please load your team onto play cricket. This will ensure that the 'correct' players are listed, and will lead to less examples of the wrong player being selected from club database. Alternatively, please ensure that you right the FULL NAME of players in the scorebook. Having A. Jones listed in the book is not very helpful, when you have registered players Andrew Jones and Alex Jones. You can see how mistakes happen !!



Please note that a 30 yard fielding circle is to be used in the following divisions;


2A West

2A East

Refer to the playing conditions for further information.



In the event that you have to concede a fixture – then please ensure that your opposition are informed no later than 12 noon on the Thursday before the game.

It is also imperative that I’m informed of such concessions as well.








4.1 The winners of a match receive 15 points, irrespective of whether they batted first or second.

4.2 The losers of a match receive between 0 and 9 points depending on the margin of their defeat.

The allocation of points is as follows:

Defeat between                  Defeat by                              Points

1 and 9 runs                          1 wicket                                 9

10 and 19 runs                     2 wickets                               8

20 and 29 runs                     3 wickets                               7

30 and 39 runs                     4 wickets                               6

40 and 49 runs                     5 wickets                               5

50 and 59 runs                     6 wickets                               4

60 and 69 runs                     7 wickets                               3

70 and 79 runs                     8 wickets                               2

80 and 89 runs                     9 wickets                               1

90 and more runs                10 wickets                             0


4.3 Both sides will also receive bonus points for bowling with one point being awarded for every 2 wickets taken. Maximum bowling points will be 5 either for all 10 wickets or when a side is 'all out'. In the event of the side batting first declaring; only the points earned for wickets taken will be awarded.

4.4 In the event of the scores being level, each side receives 12 points plus any bonus points for bowling.

4.5 In the event of a match not being completed due to the weather, it will be classed as 'abandoned' and each side receives 10 points. There will be no bowling bonus points.

4.6 In the event of a team failing to fulfil a fixture, they will be deemed to have lost the match and will receive nopoints. They will also incur a penalty deduction of 5 points (paragraph 11.3). Their opponents shall be awarded 20 points.