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Welcome to the Kent Regional Cricket League Website

01/01/2018 - 30/06/2018
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The Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel is holding an Evening with Cricket Legends, Sam Billings – Kent Captain (Subject to call up! Will be replaced with another Kent player), Paul Downton – Director of Kent Cricket, Matt Walker – Kent Cricket Head Coach and Allan Donald – Assistance Kent Cricket Coach

The event is due to take place on 4th October and the details are HERE.

NEWS UPDATE 10th August 2018


We have recently held a meeting with the KCL to discuss the possibility of regionalisation and improving the transition between the two leagues. A healthy discussion followed. So from this, we would like to keep all KRCL clubs up to speed. Therefore we will be hosting a Clubs Open Meeting at the end of the season (date to finalised) in which we would welcome specific feedback and what to expect for the future. This will include a discussion on the divisional structure and a look at the playing conditions – overs / start times / match format, etc. The purpose of the meeting will give clubs a greater understanding of the current status of the KCL and KRCL, whilst looking at ways to improve our fantastic league.

Watch this space for confirmation of meeting date and venue …



Please note that the deadline for player registrations has now passed. Any further requests will now be declined. It’s the responsibility of all clubs to ensure all members are registered at the start of the season, or prior to the deadline of 31st July.


After 14 weeks’ I’m still amazed at the same mistakes that are occurring in scorecards and the inputting of results. It is imperative that scorecards add up. Please correct as you go. If you need to – please refer to the playing conditions if you are unsure how to calculate bonus points. Please don’t guess at overs played and points obtained – put the correct information in! It would also be of considerable help if both teams could check the scorecards in a timely fashion. If a scorecard is locked, then please contact me directly so that it can be edited at a later date.  

And finally, it would be beneficial to all, if you could load your team sheets in advance of the fixture. This will ensure the correct players are listed by the opposition so that they don’t have to guess players from your list of registered players.


Please note that matches will start earlier from next week - Saturday 18th August 2018. Premier Divisions matches will commence at 12.30pm (brought forward from 13.00pm) and all other divisions will commence at 13.00pm (brought forward from 13.30pm). There are no other changes to the playing conditions and the length of the match should remain unchanged.


I’m still concerned that some clubs are not aware of the playing conditions of KRCL matches.

A common query is the length of matches.

Premier Division – 92 overs.

All Other Divisions – 80 overs.

In the event of the first innings being completed in less than the full quota of overs, then the balance of overs are used in the second innings.

For example;

80 over match

1st Innings – Team A – 184 All Out in 36.4 overs (37)

2nd Innings – Team B – have 43 (80-37 = 43) overs to achieve victory target of 185. The maximum number of overs that can be bowled by any bowler remains at 10 overs.

In the event that both Captains prior to start of the match are in agreement - the number of overs to be played can be reduced due to inclement weather. If no agreement is made, then the status quo remains the same. Please refer to the playing conditions for over restrictions and the minimum duration of a match.


We are looking at holding these events on the week commencing Monday 15th October 2018.

Watch this space for confirmation of dates and venues …


Before we can host a Presentation Evening, we need to have the Divisional Awards as presented last year returned. Therefore, if you have a Divisional Cup (presented to League Winners) or a Divisional Shield (presented to League Runners Up), then please arrange for them to be returned immediately. To assist with this, there are 3 points of contact;

Met / West – Brian Smith                  07946 285672

Central – Peter Robinson             07968  079948

East – George Cocks                          07971 040502

As a last resort, trophies can be returned at the Clubs Open Meeting which will be held in the next few weeks. However, if trophies are not returned by this deadline, clubs will be fined for a replacement trophy.


This will be held in November 2018.

Watch this space for confirmation of date and venue …

Brian Smith
Chairman - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672


Please do it!

BETWEEN J4 & J6 from 10pm Friday 27/7 to 5am Monday 30/7


Updated Details HERE

Latest News & Reminders - June 2018

7 weeks into the new season and we are still being plagued by the same old mistakes. I would like to think that the series of messages since the start of the season and the information available on the website would have resolved many of these, but clearly not! Please can you ensure that you pass on this information to the relevant club officials, club officers and team captains accordingly.

I would desperately like to see an improvement over the coming weeks.

Good luck to all teams for the remainder of this season.

Hopefully, my next newsletter will be more upbeat, by providing details of the AGM, a Clubs Open Meeting (Discussing the Future?) and finalising details of the Presentation Evenings for the end of the season.

Enjoy the sunshine, but make sure you water those cricket squares.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian

Reminders & Latest News



Disappointingly, 2 teams have withdrawn from the KRCL structure since the start of the season. They are;
Old Elthamians 3rd XI - Division 2B Met / West
Nonington 3rd XI - Division 1C Central / East
The remaining teams in these divisions have been notified accordingly.
Fingers crossed, we have no more casualties during the rest of the season.


Just a reminder, that if you are unable to raise a side for a league fixture - then you must concede the fixture, by informing the opposition, no later than 12 noon on the Thursday before the match. Please ensure that contact is made by phone immediately the decision is made, and that the opposition confirm safe receipt of the message. It is not sufficient to send an email or text, and hope that the message is received.
There is also a requirement to email Brian Smith - so that the result can be recorded accordingly.

6.1 If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture commitment, it shall ensure that its opponents and the League's Results Secretary are advised of that fact no later than 12 noon on the Thursday of the week in which the match is to be played. It is the club cancelling the fixture's responsibility to ensure that any messages are received and acknowledged. It is not sufficient to leave messages on mobile phones or answer phones.


I have been advised of an instance in a game played this season, in which a free hit was awarded after the calling of a no ball.
Please note that this is not a KRCL playing condition, and Free Hits are not to be awarded in any KRCL league fixtures.
There may be some confusion, with the new KCL playing conditions, which are very different to our own. Can you ensure that all personnel involved in KRCL matches are aware of the specific playing conditions for all matches.
I attach the KRCL Playing Conditions as an aide memoire.


Please note that the fielding restrictions are now only applicable for the Premier Division within the KRCL structure.
It is imperative that this playing condition is adhered to in all matches in this division.

3.1 The following restrictions are applied in the Premier Division only of the KRCL league structure.

3.2 At the instant of delivery, a minimum of four fielders (plus the bowler and the wicketkeeper) must be within an area bounded by two semi-circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire shall call 'No Ball'.

3.3 The fielding circle shall be marked with white plastic or rubber (not metal) discs measuring seven inches in diameter. It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure that the discs are in place prior to the start of the match.

Brian Smith
Chairman - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672

Apologies for the delay. As previously promised, here are the
KRCL Club Contact Details for Season 2018.

Please ensure that you pass this information onto the relevant captains, officers and officials within your club. You will note that this is a large document - 1 page per club.
I would recommend that you print off the relevant pages for the teams that you are playing this year, and keep them safe.

The Management Committee is aware of the upcoming GDPR law with regards to data protection, and we are likely to issue further guidelines in due course.
As a club, please ensure that anyone who is listed in your Club Entry has given permission to have their personal details recorded in such a document.

The League Committee would like to pass on our thanks to Andy Pye for the compiling of this document.
If you notice any mistakes or require further amendments to be made to your Club Entry, then please contact Andy directly.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian.

Available HERE

A recent email advised of the new law changes and the relevant guidance notes and I stressed how important it was for captains to exchange team sheets at the toss.
Just to re-iterate, this should be completed in all KRCL matches with immediate effect. There are no exceptions or excuses.
You will now ask - we don't have any team sheets?
Well, this has been resolved like magic, as well!!
Please use the link above for the Team Sheet pdf file. Please print off a sufficient pile of team sheets, and make sure they are available to all captains on match days.
Many thanks.
Cheers, Brian

New Laws - Guidance Notes for ALL KRCL Matches
Dear League Reps,

Please refer to the email as below, and ensure that these guidance notes are passed to all club officials, Club Officers, Captains and players.
KRCL matches will be played under the new laws, with exception to the Laws as stated below. The guidance notes are an explanation of how the new laws should be interpreted for all KRCL matches.
This is a directive from the Management Committee and should be enforced throughout the season.
An aide-memoire is being circulated shortly, which will contain the links the new laws which were distributed to all clubs last month.
As Chairman of the league, I would hope that Players Conduct is exemplary throughout the season and hopefully we will not encounter any level offences.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian.


Please ensure that team sheets are exchanged at the toss. This is also the perfect opportunity to advise the umpires and opposing captain of any particular player who might be arriving late / leaving early, and advise of any specific issues ahead of the game.

Also, discuss the interpretation of the new laws and outline the KRCL guidelines.



Quite often forgotten, but invaluable advice to adopt during the match!




Part A)

For games in which there is at least one qualified ACO umpire standing;

All offences (Levels 1-4) are to be reported by the umpires to the KRCL Disciplinary Committee.

No Penalty Runs are to be awarded under this Law.

If a standing umpire believes a Level 3 or 4 offence has been committed, the player (s) involved shall be removed from the field of play for the remainder of the match.

Part B)

For games in which there is no qualified ACO umpire standing;

All offences (Levels 1-4) are to be reported by the umpires to the KRCL Disciplinary Committee by a club official, with a brief and factual account from players NOT involved in any of the incidents.

No Penalty Runs to be awarded under this Law.

Captains / Vice-Captains from the offending team are expected to deal with players committing a Level 3 or 4 offence. The player(s) involved should be removed from the field of play for the remainder of the match.


Any non–pitching delivery which passes or would have passed on the full above waist height of the striker standing upright at the popping crease is to be deemed dangerous and unfair, whether or not it is likely to inflict physical injury on the striker.


No Ball shall be called by bowler’s end umpire.

In the event that this is deemed to be accidental, then no further action will take place.

However, if in the opinion of the umpire, this is a deliberate act, or the bowler has bowled a ’beamer’ then the following should be noted;


  1. As soon as the bowler’s end umpire decides, there is an instance of dangerous and unfair bowling, he shall call and signal No Ball. When the ball is dead, he shall caution the bowler, inform the other umpire, the captain of the fielding side and the batsman of what has occurred. This caution shall apply throughout the innings. This is a first and final warning.

  2. If there is a further instance of dangerous and unfair bowling in that innings, the umpire shall call and signal No Ball and when the ball is dead direct the captain to suspend the bowler forthwith and inform the other umpire of the reason for this action.  The bowler thus suspended shall not be allowed to bowl again in that innings.

For guidance – Where is the Waist?


The latest ECB guidance on this, regarding the waist, is the waistband of the striker’s trousers, standing upright at the Popping Crease. In practice, any delivery that is clearly above the level of the trousers should be regarded as a ‘No Ball’.



Laws 24 and 25 cover the absence of a player when his/her side is fielding or batting. The KRCL variation to this is that if a player is late arriving to the match, the first 45 minutes after the designated start time (not the actual start time) will not be included in the Penalty time, which will start accruing after 45 minutes have elapsed.

Any player not present at the start of the match, should announce his arrival to both captains and and umpires as and when he is ready to take an active part in the match.

Also, please make reference to KRCL playing condition 1.6 which states;

Even though arriving late, a player must be ready to participate in a match, at the very latest, by the start of the 24th over of the first innings. If fielding, the player must take to the field of play by that time. If batting, the player or his captain must inform both umpires of his/her arrival before the 24th over commenced. In a 80 over match, this rule shall be applied before the 21st over commences.

Brian Smith

Chairman - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672

KRCL Update Message - MCC Law Changes
As an aide memoir, please find enclosed references to the new law changes as set out by the MCC.
As per the league constitution, all matches played in the KRCL are under the laws of cricket.
However, the Management Committee have specific regulations in place with regards to;
Law 42 - Players Conduct
Law 24 & Law 25 - Players Penalty Time
Law 21 - No Ball (Waist High Full Tosses & Resulting Action)
These will be distributed shortly. Please ensure that all club officials, captains and players are aware of the new laws and of course the specific KRCL guidelines.
With regards to Players Conduct, please also see the useful link as below;

I don't think I need to stress how important this is, and if Players Conduct is not suitable, it will be dealt with accordingly.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian


As you may be aware - the registration of players process has slightly changed since the end of last season.

This has been a directive of the ECB, and unfortunately, as a league administrator, I'm no longer able to transfer a player automatically.

Thus the new procedure is as follows;

If a player is already registered to another club (this also applies to clubs outside of Kent), then you need to add his existing play cricket profile to your club database. Once completed, you can apply for registration in the usual process.
This will generate a message to any previous clubs, asking for approval of the registration.
As a common courtesy, the club should also be contacted by email, asking them to confirm that the player is debt and discipline free, and ok to transfer.
On receipt of either email confirmation, or approval on play cricket, we can then arrange to transfer the player.

Therefore, as a reminder please take note of the following information;
  1. Please log in to your Play-Cricket site very soon to check if you have any messages in admin, particularly regarding player transfers. This is now the only way to either request a transfer in to approve or object to a player leaving. There are currently 15 transfers pending at present and if Clubs to do not respond quickly to such requests they will be approved (directly by the league administrator) after a week, objection or no objection, as the list at this end is becoming unmanageable and is only likely to grow as the season nears.
For those unaware, this is a new system Play-Cricket have introduced and I am no longer able to move players for you.
  1. Secondly, please check all main administrators on your Play-Cricket site to ensure your list is up to date. I know many are not, and as such are getting emails about matters no longer of interest or relevant to them. This is disrespectful of your former members and likely to breach the forthcoming data protection laws your Club needs to follow.
  1. Finally, I remind you that Kent Regional Cricket League registrations for those players who have left the club, retired or are unlikely to play again should be removed in due course.

If you require any further guidance on the above matters, then please feel free to contact me in due course.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian.

League Constitution & Playing Conditions for Season 2018
Please could all League Reps make sure that their Club officials have all had a copy of these documents, which have just been sent again by email and have been available on the League and Club sites (Document Library) for a while. If you need any guidance, please contact Brian Smith.