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Welcome to the Kent Regional Cricket League Website

The Eve of Season 2018 Newsletter

Season 2018 is fast approaching.

Not long to go before we all get back on the cricket pitch. The smell of freshly cut grass, the sight of ball hitting stump, and the noise of an Owzat appeal, will mean that we will instantly forget about the winter, and look forward to the summer game. Make the most of the next 20 weeks !!

Please ensure that the newsletter below is passed on to players, officials and captains within your club.

There are lots of changing for the new season ... so make sure you are fully prepared.

Further news will follow, in the countdown to Season 2018.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian.

Brian Smith
Chairman - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672


Thanks to all those clubs who have recently paid their invoice for Season 2018 (League Subscriptions & Balls). There are still a few clubs to make payment. Please ensure that this is completed before Wednesday 18th April 2018. A list of debtors was sent out at the beginning of the week.

Contact – Shaker Ahmed (Treasurer) / Brian Smith (Chairman)



After a lengthy discussion at KRCL Committee Meeting, it was agreed that we would no longer produce a Hard Copy of the KRCL Handbook.  The main reasons for not producing such handbooks is the cost and of course the time involved in compiling such a book.

What will happen for Season 2018? All necessary documents will be circulated to the League Representatives of each club. It is their responsibility that this information is passed on to club officials, captains and players. Prior to the start of the season, we will once again distribute the Constitution of the League and the amended Playing Conditions for Season 2018. We will also distribute the updated version of the Clubs Contact Details.

Andy Pye is currently compiling this information. If you have failed to provide updated details for the new season or have a last-minute amendment, then please contact Andy Pye directly.

On a positive note, the cost saving of not producing a Handbook has meant we have been able to keep the price of a league ball to £10 this season.

Contact - Andy Pye (Handbook Editor)



Can I remind all clubs that they need to register all players for the KRCL.  There is no need to re-register all existing players, however, please check your club databases and make sure that any new or returning members are registered.

If a player is registered or has an active profile with another club, then you need to add this player to your database on play-cricket and apply for registration. You will also need email confirmation from their former club, or ask that club to approve the player transfer on play cricket.

It is no longer possible for the league administrator to transfer existing profiles. Thus the responsibility is now with the club administrators. 

Don’t leave it until the last minute …

Contact – Brian Smith (Chairman)



We are still looking at options for the end of the season Presentation evenings that are held at the end of September / beginning of October.  The preferred dates at present for this year are Thursday 4th/Friday 5th October and Thursday 11th/Friday 12th October. Primarily, because the Chairman is away at the end of September! Sorry folks. As soon as we have sourced suitable venues – we will confirm the dates accordingly.

Whilst on this subject – are there any clubs who would like to host these evenings? If you have the facilities to host such an event, then please get in contact with me by the end of this month.

Traditionally we have held one event in the East and one in the West, but happy to look into other options for the new season.

Contact – Brian Smith (Chairman) / George Cocks (Presentation Evening Organiser)



A final reminder that these are being held this week:

Wednesday 18th April 2018 @ St Margaret’s Cricket Club

Thursday 19th April 2018 @ Addington Cricket Club

Friday 20th April 2018 @ Sidcup Cricket Club

Collection times for these evenings are 6pm to 8.30pm. We will not be held responsible for the balls of any clubs who fail to attend these evenings.

Please ensure that you attend the previously arranged venue. For ease of reference, I attach the master document as an aide memoire. If you have any concerns, then please contact me directly.

Contact – Brian Smith (Chairman)



To save us hunting you down during the summer months, please feel free to use the Ball Distribution Evenings as an opportunity to return any Divisional Cups or Shields that were presented to divisional winners and runners up at the end of last season.

This will desperately help us with future planning and, of course, ensure that trophies are not lost or damaged during the season.

Contact – Brian Smith (Chairman)



I’ve been advised that summer is finally on its way. About bloody time!! The first games of season 2018 will take place on Saturday 28th April 2018, with a full programme the following week on Saturday 5th May 2018. Please ensure that your Club is ready for the new season.


Further updates and news will follow over the coming weeks. Watch this space …


Please see the message below from John Swannick.

If you or your club are interested in joining the Club Community Network, then please get in touch with John Swannick directly.

Personally, I think this is a great opportunity to help support clubs in Kent, as we face difficult times ahead especially with declining player participation.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian.

Brian Smith
Chairman - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672

Dear League Reps,


Having been involved in developing the national Cricket Club Development Network,  I am now working with Kent Community Cricket to set up a Kent club peer-network called Club Community.  As a KRCL club vice chairman, I think it offers a great platform for supporting those people involved in making Kent clubs work. 


From my national Network experience, I am confident members of Club Community will benefit by sharing their experience, knowledge and information, and:

  • get reasonably quick answers to immediate questions on any aspect of running a club;
  • save time reinventing wheels or avoiding mistakes others have made;
  • identify new and better ways of doing things;
  • confront common problems and issues more effectively.

It is not about communication TO, but ongoing dialogue WITH, people who face the same or similar challenges.

Club Community is a virtual network. It is an open group that is publicly accessible online but where some content is restricted to members of the Community and, where relevant, sub-sets of the Community depending on their club role and related interests.   The Kent Community team will also bring their skills and knowledge to Club Community as peers.  


We are using an off-the-shelf platform called Team App which can be used as both online website and downloadable mobile App.  The main features of the Community are:

  • News – Kent and national cricket issues, and local club happenings where relevant to other clubs;
  • Events – information on and invites to the latest Kent-wide activities as well as club-based events where appropriate;
  • Chat – bulletin boards for raising very practical issues, questions or sharing thoughts on cricket management issues.  You can also communicate confidentially and securely direct with other members, where appropriate;
  • Discussions – topics identified as having wider common interest and relevance will be posted to encourage group discussion, sharing experience and potential solutions or signposting sources of further information;
  • Document sharing – for sharing pdfs of helpful documents and briefings on key topics.


So, this is your invitation to become a member of Club Community.   And to share with others in your club who have responsibilities for:

  • Club management and administration
  • Finance
  • Club development
  • Junior recruitment, retention and development
  • Communication and marketing
  • Facilities management and improvement
To join Club Community, simply email me and say you want to be a member.

Once you are in the Community, I will be on the other side to help guide you through how it works and to support your continuing engagement.  But, the system is very easy to use and you shouldn't need much encouragement to get involved!


I look forward to working with you.





John Swannick

Club Community



John Swannick|Vice Chairman|Staplehurst Cricket & Tennis Club| +44 (0)1580 890750| +44 (0)7746 886521|| Skype: john.swannick|


Stuart Chilmaid's Report and Update on the New Laws for this Season - HERE

Please use the link above for the annual report from Stuart Chilmaid which in recent years has appeared in the KRCL Handbook.

I also enclose some useful links to the changes to the MCC Laws of Cricket.

There is a useful guide for scorers and this can be found at this link -

It is imperative that all club officials and players are aware of the new laws. Please can you circulate to your members.

Many thanks.



KRCL Ball Order 2018 - HERE


These have been sent out to the Treasurers this week. Please can you liaise with your Treasurer and arrange for payment to be completed as soon as possible.

The preferred method of payment is direct transfer into the league account. Details are on the Invoice.

If this is not possible, then please send a cheque (made payable to Kent Regional Cricket League) and address this to:

Mr Brian Smith, KRCL Chairman, 15 Alton Close, Bexley, Kent, DA5 3QJ

Please ensure a reference is provided on ALL transactions.


These have been confirmed and agreed with all League Reps.

For ease of reference, I attach the master spreadsheet which lists all clubs and the venue they are collecting balls from.

If you are not attending personally, please ensure the correct information is passed to the relevant contact, as well as the Treasurer.

To confirm, collection dates are;

Wednesday 18th April - St Margarets CC

Thursday 19th April - Addington CC

Friday 20th April - Sidcup CC

Times for such collections are 6pm to 8.30pm.

I will send out a reminder nearer the time, as I appreciate many people no longer own a diary !!

KRCL Chairman's Report, March 2018 (Pre-season words of wisdom from Smiffy!)


As in recent years, we need all clubs to complete their entry for Club Contact Details.  It is imperative that all clubs complete this information so that we can circulate updated information to all clubs at the start of the season.

Please ensure that you follow the instructions as below and action accordingly.

Emails to be directed to Andy Pye directly.

Please don't respond to Gareth or myself.

Please send the amended versions of the 2017 details, already sent to you by email, to Andy Pye - Handbook Editor;

The deadline for completing this task is Sunday 25th March 2018. Please don't let us have to chase you again !!

In the event of everything still being correct from Season 2017, and no changes required - then please contact Andy to advise accordingly - No Changes Required.

As always, please ensure you head up your email correctly;

KRCL Handbook Entry 2018 - Your Club Name

Thank you...

2018 Constitution, Playing Conditions and AGM Outcomes HERE


I'm delighted to advise that the following arrangements have now been finalised with regards to the KRCL Ball Distribution evenings for April 2018.

These will be held on;

Wednesday 18th April 2018

St Margaret's Cricket Club

Glebe Close, St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe, Kent, CT15 6AF

Thursday 19th April 2018

Addington Cricket Club

Park Road, Addington, Kent, ME19 5BQ

Friday 20th April 2018

Sidcup Cricket Club - The Lumley Bar

Sidcup Sports Club, Sydney Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 6RA

Balls will be available between 6pm and 8pm on each of the nights as detailed above.

** The next step ...

Your Ball Order for Season 2018.

It is imperative that all clubs take on the necessary action as detailed below.

Please send an email to Sunil Mour (Ball Distribution Officer);

Confirming the following information;

  • Your Club Name
  • Number of Balls Required for Season 2018
  • Venue that you will be attending (please see dates as above)

Please note the following Important Facts;

  • Clubs will be charged at £10 per ball for this season, invoices will follow in March.
  • Clubs can only order in multiples of 6 balls.
  • The default number of balls for each club is as follows - 1 Team = 18 Balls, 2 Teams = 36 Balls, 3 Teams = 54 Balls.
  • Clubs can order an additional supply of balls for use in friendly fixtures - MULTIPLES OF 6 ONLY. You won't find a better quality ball for £10!
  • If for any reason you have a surplus of balls from previous seasons, you can order less than the default amount as stated above. However, this can only be in MULTIPLES OF 6 ONLY.
  • Each Team must provide 1 approved KRCL League Ball for each KRCL fixture to be played.

Please ensure that you have completed your BALL ORDER for Season 2018 no later than Sunday 18th February 2018.

Brian Smith
Chairman - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672

We are still in the process of updating our club records for the forthcoming season.

The response rate to the message as below has been awful!!!

To date - less than 20 responses - which means approximately 100 clubs haven't responded as directed.

Please ensure that this information is completed immediately.

There will be further messages being distributed in the coming weeks, and it's important that all clubs action accordingly.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian.

The first stage of this, so that we can send Invoices in February, is to make sure we have the correct contact details for your Club Treasurer.

Therefore, it is imperative that all clubs contact the new league treasurer - Ahmad Shaker (email address as below) with the following information;

Club Name  =

Name of Treasurer =

Email Address =

Ahmad Shaker

In the event, that your Club Treasurer doesn't have an email address - please provide details of the league rep, who will be responsible for dealing with the appropriate invoice when sent.

Please only send this information to Ahmad Shaker - myself and Gareth don't need to be copied into your responses.

We will be contacting all clubs at the end of January with regards to Ball requirements for the forthcoming season, so there is no need to provide this information at present.

Many thanks.

Cheers Brian

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