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Welcome to the Kent Regional Cricket League Website

Season 2018 - Finalised Divisional Structure

On behalf of the KRCL Management Committee, please find enclosed as published the finalised divisional structure for Season 2018.

In total, we have 172 teams playing across 18 divisions, which in effect is 14 teams and two divisions less than last year.

In summary - 10 divisions of 10 and 8 divisions of 9.

In essence, and as a continuation of our existing structural changes, we have now created a single structure, whilst still allowing promotion and relegation into the Kent Cricket League for both 1st and 2nd teams.


Tier 1 - Premier - 1 Division (promotion into KCL, Division 5, 1st XI).

Tier 2 - Championship - 2 Divisions > West & East.

Tier 3 - 1A Level - 3 Divisions > Met/West, Central & East.

Tier 4 - 2A Level - 3 Divisions > Met/West, Central & East (promotion into KCL, Division 5, 2nd XI).

Tier 5 - 1B Level - 4 Divisions > Met, West, Central & East.

Tier 6 - 2B Level - 2 Divisions > Met/West & Central/East.

Tier 7 - 1C Level - 2 Divisions > Met/West & Central/East.

Tier 8 - 2C Level - 1 Division > Met/West.

The main changes to the structure are as follows;

Division 1A Met & 1A West has merged into one - so only 3 divisions at Tier 3 of the structure.

Newly formed Division 2A Central - so now 3 divisions at Tier 4 of the structure.

Division 2B Central & 2B East has merged into one - so only 2 divisions at Tier 6 of the structure.

Division 2C Central & 1C East has merged into one - so only 2 divisions at Tier 7 of the structure.

Obviously, due to logistics and geography, several teams have switched divisions to ensure that we have a manageable structure for the benefit of all clubs within the league.

We are continuing on-going communications with the KCL and Kent Cricket Community with a view to expanding regionalisation into the KCL. If successful, this will mean further changes to the existing structure over the coming years.

The next phase is to crack on with fixture templating, and good progress has been made in the last two weeks.

We are confident of producing fixtures in January ... so watch this space in the new year.

I can confirm that all new divisions have been created and added to the KRCL website - in advance of the new season.

If you haven't responded to any of the recent messages with regards to fixtures - please do so immediately.

If you have any specific questions with regards to fixtures or the structure, please feel free to contact me directly;

There is no need to respond to Gareth directly unless specifically advised to.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian


The 2018 Divisional Structure for the Kent Regional Cricket League is now in the hands of the Management Committee. This should be approved within the next week and will be circulated to all clubs in due course.
Teams that are in Tiers 1 - 4 (Premier, Championship, 1A, and 2A) have already been notified.
It is now imperative, that ALL clubs advise of any specific fixture requests for the forthcoming season.
The season dates for 2018 are;
Week 1 - Saturday  5th May 2018
Week 18 - Saturday 1st September 2018

If for any reason, you are unable to fulfil a fixture in the regular season, then you will need to use the spare date of Saturday 28th April 2018. Please advise accordingly, as you will need to accommodate a home fixture on this date.

In the event that you are ground sharing with another club - then please advise accordingly. Unless advised differently, I will assume that for clubs' 1st teams, you will be sharing grounds with 2nd teams. I will also make the same assumption for clubs' 3rd and 4th teams where applicable.
Please can you ensure that I have any specific fixture requests no later than Friday 15thDecember 2017.

Email requests must be sent to;

And the subject heading must be: 


If you don't respond, we assume you have no specific requests. Please note that any additional requests, or changes of information received after the 15th December, are unlikely to be accommodated.

Once all anomalies are received, the templates will be passed to the new fixture secretary, so that they can be finalised. We are confident, that all fixtures will be published in early January.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Brian.


After a very satisfactory AGM, the details of the new 
league officers and the 
rule amendments voted in 
(and those not) 
are available HERE!

Thanks for those who attended the KRCL AGM on Wednesday 15th November 2017.

After a few hectic weeks of planning and organising, things are now taking shape as we can now start preparing for a new season.

For those who didn't attend ... a quick summary of events from the night.

We now have a new Management Committee and General Committee in place to take the league forward. Please use the above link for a fully updated list of officers.

Over the next 6 months, there will be major changes, and we will keep clubs advised of key decisions and asking for appropriate feedback when applicable.

With regards to the rule proposals - please see the above link for the document, outlining the major changes.

So ...

  • Match Format (Overs) - Championship Divisions will now play the 80 over format. Premier Division only will remain at 92 overs
  • Fielding Restrictions - these will only apply in the Premier Division
  • Eligibility of Players - these have changed for the Premier Division only, and will mirror those in place for the Kent Cricket League

And changes to the constitution ...

  • Disciplinary Procedures & VCC - amended as outlined to take into account the new Disciplinary Committee. Amendments to the Voluntary Code of Conduct will follow.
  • Ground Sub Committee - agreement to use artificial wickets in the lowest divisions of the structure, subject to specific criteria being met.

It is planned for the new committee to meet in the next couple of weeks.

Our first major project to resolve is the 2018 Divisional Structure, and hopefully this will be published in early December. After that, our attention will turn to fixtures, so please ensure that you provide the necessary information when asked.

The current numbers for 2018 are standing at ... 173 Teams - 18 Divisions based on 9 or 10 teams in the division.

And finally a reminder of the season dates for 2018;

Week 1 - Saturday 5th May 2018

Week 18 - Saturday 1st September 2018

Spare Week - Saturday 28th April 2018

All Clubs are reminded to keep all of these dates free until all fixtures have been published in the new year.

That's all for now.

Cheers Brian

Brian Smith
Chairman - Kent Regional Cricket League
07946 285672